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Overview of Spectrum Books

We are the conduit for ensuring millions of people have access to knowledge; which broadens horizons and increases opportunities for building a better life. We have painstakingly published quality books for over four decades having recognized the correlation between reading, knowledge acquisition, personal empowerment, and economic and societal development. we are Spectrum Books Limited! SBL is driven by excellence, and is passionate about transforming lives. Delivering quality services is one of our core attributes, which also includes creating rich intellectual content by experienced and exceptional authors. We are enthusiastic about placing worthy books in the hands of readers. With over SOO curriculum compliant educational titles and several other intelligently written books, SBL is a one-stop publishing company, from content creation to product and service delivery. Though just a phone call away from meeting with you, we are physically located in all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Spectrum Books Limited is at your service;we have a network of marketing staff that cover every state in Nigeria. Moreso, all our titles can now be purchased via our website

History of Spectrum Books

The company’s first school publication was Multiplication Table for Nursery written by Joop Berkout. The company’s belief was then that asides school book users, an unsatisfied audience yet reminded the general purpose and even leisure readers. Spetrum Books then risked publishing of biographies, autobiographies and Special publications. This was where the company carved a niche for itself.

Olu Akinkugbe, the famous industrialist and book lover, conceived the idea of establishing a publishing company. Joop Berkhout managed the company. This period marks the starting point of Spectrum Books Limited which was characterized mainly by importing and selling of tertiary books from the UK, thereafter partnering with some of them

Expansion in educational title; has all relevant titles from nursery to senior secondary, Teritary including Medical and law titles. Conversion of educational and Special interest titles to e-platform with over 95 staffs, 1000 titles and about 500 authors.


Our Core Values


We are scheduled to ensure efficient and effective delivery of our publications and services


Our commitment to promptness drives us to respond swiftly to customer needs


Integrity is the cornerstone of our operations, guiding us to uphold honesty and transparency


We take ownership of our responsibilities and to achieve our goals with diligence


Our priority is to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of our operations


We constantly strive to innovate and adapt to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our audience


We are deeply committed to our mission of delivering quality publications

Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to be the preferred Publishing Company in West Africa


Our Mission is to create books that transform the mind and impact the world


We have over 600 titles which involves educational, biographies and entertainments books. Whatever the age or the need, we have a book that will be of immense benefits to you

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