My Life And Times




My Life And Times is an inspired compendium of the history of a man who has worked indefatigable to contribute to the well-being of humanity and enhanced his own status in the Nigeria civil service and social circle.

It is a chronicle of events that has characterized the life and times of the author, right from the cradle to his adulthood. it also showcases the past political manoeuvres and antics in Nigeria federal civil service work environment, cutting across the first, and the second Republics and larger part of the military era.

As a close observer and participant in the upper echelons of the nation’s federal government service, the author, accurately recorded and narrated the major events that characterised the 1966 military coups and countercoup, the 1959 and 1979 federal elections and the census activities of 1959 and 1973. My Life And Times is of great historical significance and a must for all knowledge seekers.


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