Spectrum High Standard English for Primary Textbook 3 (BEC Edition)




Spectrum High Standard English for Primary Schools (Books 1-3) are written by seasoned educators This complete series satisfies the challenges and requirements of the new Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as revised by the Nigerian Educational and Development Council (NERDC)? for English Language The books are designed to provide solid foundation in basic learning skills through:

  • grounding in the writing and pronunciation of the alphabets;
  • intonation and stress acquisition to encourage good communication skills;
  • use of poetry, rhymes, songs and playlets in language acquisition to integrate language and literature in meaningful ways and;
  • comprehension passages to reinforce language and vocabulary acquisition.

Educative stories on peace and dialogue family life and folIktales packaged in are the series to make learning interesting. The books are replete with full colour illustrations geared towards improving the imagination of the children. There are also many examples, exercises and practical revision tests to enhance understanding.


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