Civic Education For Primary School 2 Textbook(BEC Edition)




Spectrum Primary Civic Education Books 1-3 were developed to meet the challenges of the new Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as revised by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

They are written in clean and clear language for easy comprehension. The illustrations are attractive and stimulating

The topics which are presented in logical and sequential order include:

  • Rules and regulations in society
  • Gains of obeying rules and regulations
  • Importance of Civic Education
  • People, places and objects of respect.

Each book contains an elaborate curriculum outline and work plan. The contents, performance objectives and activities for teachers and children and evaluation guides are provided g enough to arouse children’s interest. Summaries are given to aid recall in this Book 1.

In the Workbooks. A separate Teacher’s Guide is also included as part of the book package.


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